Styles Studio was born to produce creative digital content in the Swiss market. We are developing our studio with our game Run4YourLight and other digital productions such as Software, Digital Marketing, 3D/2D and Games.

Our studio is ready to work on versatile projects linked to the digital world and focused on creating new and unique experiences with our productions.


Jeremy Styles

Styles Studio Co-Founder


Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Animation

Formally trained as an executive chef, I decided to change my life by pursuing a 3D career. I taught myself 3D for one year then became a doctoral assistant for UNIL and got hired as an Art Director at SUVA(Pro) for their VR Training software. I then started a Game Art BA at SAE Institute in second year. While working at SAE, I was a freelance Art Director in several groups in the game industry. I cofounded DamaDamaGames and in 2021 finished my bachelors with a 2.1(honors). I am now CEO of Styles Studio.

CEO of Styles Studio and Freelance Art Director
External Teacher at SAE Institute Geneva
Committee Member of Swiss Game Center
Verified NFT Collections on WithFoundation, Rarible and OpenSea
Rookie Award 2022 - B Rank in 3D Animation
Published in ZBrush Summit 2021

Fun Fact
I quit a job with a good salary and a good position to live my dream living as a freelance in a total new area of expertise. From starred restaurant to art studios and universities.
Someone close I look up to
Swan Keller, concept artist and illustrator, great human person and has a great ideology of art. He inspires a lot of artists.
The time I went against the rules
Because I thought I was good enough, I asked to skip the first year of my BA and it was accepted.
Books : Anatomy for Artist and Anatomy for Sculptors, Harry Potter, LOTR

Samuel Styles

Styles Studio Co-Founder


Bachelor of Science in Game programming

I started my first studies as an economic then I went to train as a mechatronic engineer and diagnostician. I had a son and I decided to pursue game development after a physical injury stopped me from working as mechatronic engineer. I am now doing my BS at SAE Institute and working on other projects on the side.

Arcade Boxing Game on Android Smartphones, "FighterZOZZ"
Cowboy Pixel Shooter , "Marde"
Arcade Survival Zombie , "Billy The Zombie"
3D Enigma game, "The Key"
Student 80% SAE Institute 20% Co-Director at Styles Studio

Fun Fact
I had a kid at 21 and I had to be responsible to offers a correct environment for my family while studying.
Someone close I look up to
Maurizio Rigamonti for his knowledge. He is trying to promote, structure and expand the video game environment in Switzerland.
The time I went against the rules
I was supposed to be oriented by the swiss federation whilst I was in a professional retraining financed by social welfare. Instead I decided to propose a new professional situation that is now consider possible in the social aid program.
Movie : Ready Player One
Music : Yiruma (Piano) & Generally Rock
Books : Human science or Computer science
Diverse coding sites

Yassine Benseghir

Styles Studio Co-Founder

Executive Game Producer

Master Degree in Engineering, Embedded System Design

Passionate about innovation and video games , I love to create new game experience for players. I studied electronic engineering and worked as embedded system designer. Since we have founded Styles Studio with the team , I am now aiming to work full time on our project.

Arcade Boxing Game on Android Smartphones, "FighterZOZZ"
Speeder/Hover Racing Game, "Hov3Ride Tournament"
Association to promote and organize dance event in my area, "Infini Bachata"

Fun Fact
In order to participate to a one week game jam, I have taken 1 week holidays to sign into the competition. I worked more during this one week holidays than an usual working week.
Someone close I look up to
Jerôme Roudier is trying to build, alone and from scratch, an innovative entertainment service replacing airsoft and laser game.
Time I went against the rules
I informed my current employer that I am building my own company but I was still available to work until I am leaving. Even if he stated that it was against the corporate rules, he would accept the situation to keep my activities on going.
Movies : Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe, StarWars, Matrix

Alexis DeKalbermatten

Art Director

Game Art & Animation diploma, Certified Gold & Platinum Record

Born and Raised in a small town in Switzerland I also lived in Geneva, Tokyo and Paris. I graduated college and high school in art and artistic maturity. I was educated as a comics fan and History / Mythology lover. I went from Architecture to Game Art. Now I'm back in my hometown to grow my businesses.

CEO and Founder Nous Demain
Freelance illustrator
Diploma CFC building designer
Diploma of Art in Game Art and Animation
Gold and Platinum certified with Millenium Universal France

Dr. Maurizio Rigamonti

StylesStudio External Collaborator

CEO of Sugarcube Information Technology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science


Japan Tours Festival

July 2022. Styles Studio attended Japan Tours Festival with their game Run4YourLight. They had the honour of meeting other studios from all around France and discovering their great games.

Indie Game Nation Jury Award

March 2022, StylesStudio were in Paris to attend Indie Game Nation. This year's event, hosted by Fred of the Dead, was the second occasion for the game Run4YourLight to be presented publicly.

Run4YourLight had the honour of winning the Jury Award 2022 amongst a selection of indie game studios from all over France. It's incredible for the studio to get such recognition.

Thanks to Indie Game Nation for the opportunity to showcase indie game talent.

Top 6 seller on Rarible.com

Rated by Ayzed.com, Jeremy Styles  was one of the top sellers on Rarible for a week. Volume traded for his NFT collection reached all time high which is great news for future opportunities.

Alexis DeKalbermatten goes Gold

Through his work with Universal and Chrome Castle, Alexis DeKalbermatten obtained certified Gold Records for his visuals and Art Direction on Ziak’s album “Fixette”.

StylesStudio is founded

StylesStudio officially registers as a company with its founding members Jeremy and Samuel Styles, Yassine Benseghir, Dr. Maurizio Rigamonti and Alexis DeKalbermatten.


ZBrush Summit & Keyshot Commercial Demo

Jeremy Styles had the honour of being featured in Luxion’s commercial demo for Keyshot, thanks to which, his art piece was also showed in the ZBrush Summit 2021.

Fantasy Basel

Back in August 2021, the team at StylesStudio was invited to participate in the Fantasy Basel event – the swiss Comic-Con – scheduled to take place in October 2021. Their game Run4YourLight was then revealed. Play tested for the very first time publicly, great feedback was gathered.

Numeric Games

After the success of Run4YourLight at SGA 2021 thanks to their great teamwork, StylesStudio had the pleasure of being invited to their first Talk and the team was interviewed about the game at Numeric Games in Yverdon.

Swiss Game Academy

During this one-week Game Jam held in August 2021, which is annually organized by the SGA, Jeremy and Samuel Styles met future team members Yassine Benseghir and Dr. Maurizio Rigamonti. Together they came up with the first version of what was to become the game Run4YourLight.

From this collaboration and success, a professional bond and new friendships were born.